Huh. That was substantially more difficult than I’d expected.

Welcome to the unveiling of DW-i 2.0. It didn’t take very long for me to become dissatisfied with the old layout of the site, and I found myself ignoring it far more often than I needed to. For months I toyed with the idea of junking the thing and moving to “Blogger,” but something kept me sidelined. Something called “Blogger.” I mean, Jesus Christ on the Cross is that an annoying name for a program! So net-nerdy. So latte. So unlike me.

But it’s easier than the TV Guide crossword puzzle, and that’s all I need right now. The site will slowly move to a redesign based around this nifty feature, and it will often be updated with my thoughts, weird news, and links to stuff I’m working on at the Chronicle. Come back soon … I’ll be working on a dense paper on the religion of ancient Israel this weekend, so there’s no telling how much mental procrastinating is on the calender.

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